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1.  Your Pet Your Way

  • We respect your choices as to what is the best care for your animals.

  • We will follow your guidelines and directions, provided they are within our safety and ethical protocols.

  • Your needs are unique, ask and we will do our best to accommodate!

2.  Safety is our First Priority

  • Under no circumstance will your pet be left unsupervised.

  • We are happy to take your dog(s) to the dog run, but only with your prior consent.

  • Any signs of distress, illness, or concerns will be immediately communicated and addressed as required, including emergency care.

  • We always ensure we maintain a safe and clean environment.

3.  Respect is at the center of each encounter 

  • Every animal in our care is a study of ONE.  Your individual pet determines its likes, dislikes, needs, and challenges.   

  • Any behavioral issues are handled with positive reinforcement and/or management techniques only –  we will never use aversive means such as pulling on the leash, prong/choke/electric collars, or hitting.

4.  Communication is the Key to Success

  • Our initial intake and evaluation will ensure we have the information we have to responsibly care for you pet, and evaluate if (s)he is the right fit.

  • Text messages will provide real time updates throughout our care.

  • Client communications will be answered as soon as feasible, whether to respond to concerns or simply to check in.    

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