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Keeping your pets safe, happy, and healthy while you are away.


Kathy Greff 



The Pet Concierge serves all of Manhattan, providing individualized care for all your animal companions including home visits, overnight care, and dog walks.   Our mission is simple, to treat each animal as an individual catering to their specific needs. 

Safety is our first priority, whether walking, administering meds, or just playing, you can trust us with your animals.   You will be kept in close communication via texts and photos.   Should an emergency arise, we will carry out all agreed upon instructions regarding emergency veterinary care.


With over 20 years of experience across all animals you can rest assured that your pets will be safe and happy with us.  We use strictly positive methods when interacting with your animals, and will never use any aversive equipment  such as prong or choke collars, or aversive methods such as jerking on the leash, or forcing your pet into any behavior.


We welcome all animals with open paws, fins and feathers!

Pet Home Visits

Cat with Yarn.jpg

Providing love, care, and enrichment for all your pets - customized to fit your needs, including:

  • Providing scheduled meals, fresh water, and treats

  • Administering any required meds or injections

  • Cleaning all pet related areas such as litter boxes, crates, water and food bowls

  • Taking your pet to the vet, groomers, or any other pet related activities

  • Ensuring your pets are safe, happy, and cared for through play and enrichment

Pet Overnight Care

Smilling pittie_edited.jpg

We provide overnight care in your home, where your pets are most comfortable:

  • Customized services to fit your needs, including feeding, walks, meds administration.

  • Healthy interactions throughout the day, including play and enrichment activities.

Dog Walks

Cute Frenchie in water_edited.jpg

Walking is essential for your dogs physical and mental well-being allowing him to sniff,  play, and socialize.   


  • Use only force free techniques, we will never pull, jerk or drag while walking on-leash  

  • Use only humane equipment - we will never using choke, shock, or prong collars.

  • Accommodate special needs such as leash reactivity, mobility constraints, or arthritis

  • Find safe and fun routes, including to the dog run - provided we have your consent.

Dog Training 


Dog Training and Behavior Modification


  • We partner with The Educated Dog to teach your dog new behaviors and reduce unwanted behaviors through positive, humane and effective training from a CPDT-KA and CPCC-KA certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant.  

  • Contact or go to the website  above to learn more.

Prices below applies to all pets

Cat Sitting & All Pet Sitting:

  • 30 Minutes:  $30

  • 45 Minutes:  $40

  • 60 Minutes:  $45

Dog Walks:

  • 30 Minutes:  $30

  • 45 Minutes:  $40

  • 60 Minutes:  $45


Pet Daycare:

  • At your place:  $90

Pet Overnight Care:

  • At your place:  $125

$10 surcharge applies for the following:  

  • Weekends and Holidays

  • Evenings after 7 PM

  • Key pick up and drop off

Please note a booking is confirmed once we receive your payment in full.   


If you cancel 48 hours or more in advance, a full refund will be provided.  If you cancel  48 hours or less, you will be charged for the first day.

Payment Methods Accepted:  Cash, Checks, Venmo (Katalin-Pota), Zelle (212-535-0903)

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